- Greater Escondido Directory

Welcome to the Greater Escondido Directory (GED)

Welcome to the Greater Escondido Directory (GED)


What are the goals of this directory?

  1. The first goal of this directory is to provide a way for those living and working in the Greater Escondido Community to connect with businesses and organizations that are truly local.
  2. The second goal is to help job seekers find jobs by providing a free job listing service that will allow any employer in the Greater Escondido area to post job openings in an easily searchable site.
  3. Our third goal is to provide a mobile app that will make searches for businesses, organizations and job listings easily accessible. This will be launched in the third quarter of 2023.

How do you add your business or organization to the GED?

Click the “Join Today” button and get started right away.

How do you add a job listing to the GED?

  1. You must first establish yourself as an employer listed on this directory as discussed above.
  2. Log on to your listing in the GED and click the “Job Listings” button. You will find how easy it is to post all of your job openings on the GED.

Why will this directory generate search results that are superior to other internet searches?

  1. Greater Escondido covers a uniquely stretched out yet self-identified geographic area and community. Our directory recognizes this and seeks to serve it.
  2. We are eliminating “spoofers” who pretend they are local businesses with local phone numbers and addresses but who are actually from outside our area.
  3. We are eliminating “spoofers” who also project themselves as a local business, but are actually referral services, selling referrals to anyone, anywhere willing to pay a referral fee.
  4. We will not allow targeted ads that can easily overwhelm or dominate search results.
  5. We do not accommodate reviews. The ongoing proliferation of troublesome, inaccurate “reviews” can be expensive to rectify. Local businesses are highly incentivized to build and protect their reputations without a need for mostly anonymous and unaccountable online reviews.
  6. We will keep our directory current and accurate. Internet search results are plagued by listings for businesses that are long gone and forgotten and by results that are not appropriate. Keeping this directory current requires sustained effort and community involvement. You can help by notifying us of errors and keeping your listing current.
  7. “Yellow Pages” that are currently distributed contain data that is woefully outdated. At one time, people relied on official yellow pages to locate local businesses and to help businesses make themselves known. Our directory will provide similar benefits.
  8. Search results point to company websites which are generally not designed to market a business or service. Listings on the GED site are targeted to attract new customers.